My Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven Christian Parody Video Got BLOCKED! PART 1 – Pastor Brad

In this video-- My Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven Christian Parody Video Got Banned! PART 1 – Pastor Brad explains how the video for his Christian parody of Led Zeppelin’s song, Stairway To Heaven was banned from YouTube. Christians who love the hard rock of the late 70s and early 80s -- I think you'll enjoy this video--and you'll learn where you can listen to / download the song!

80s Christian Metal -- Well Done -- Pastor Brad

This video -- 80s Christian Rock / Metal Music – Well Done (AUDIO) – Pastor Brad
-- is guaranteed to rock you up hard for Jesus!  Packed with loads of passion, licks, power vocals and pulsing bass and drums—This song delivers a message of victory in Christ that hits you right in the heart and lifts your faith up high and Jesus up even HIGHER!  If you’re a fan of classic, 80s style hard rock/metal music that glorifies Jesus—you will totally dig this song!

Too Much Time On My Hands – STYX (CHRISTIAN PARODY – LYRIC VIDEO) Pastor Brad – Obey Your Commands

If you enjoy the melodic hard rock of the late 1970s/early 80s -- bands like STYX-- and if you love Jesus--you're going to love this new Christ-honoring parody of Styx's hit, "Too Much Time On My Hands."   This song is jam-packed with all of the groove, rhythm, guitars, bass, drums. etc. that we love--and it delivers a message that will inspire and encourage your faith!

Christian Rock / Metal Music Podcast #29 - Pastor Brad

Happy April 2018!  Are you ready to rock and be inspired in your walk with Jesus?  Podcast #29 is jam-packed with hard rock music and Bible-based teaching guaranteed to get your head banging and your heart pumping for Christ..  In this podcast Pastor Brad shares three songs from his newly released Christian parody album, Highway 2 Heaven.  The show also includes an inspiring teaching on how to WALK BY THE SPIRIT!

80s Christian Metal Music - Out Of The Hellhole - Pastor Brad

This song is very meaningful to me--because--it's my testimony in a nutshell.  The "Prophetess of  YAHWEH" was/is my Grandmother---to whom I ran when I hit bottem. She was a MASSIVE influence in my life.  Many of the songs on the Out of the Hellhole album (2004) were born out of garage band jam session back in the day.  The "hellhole" was a garage behind my friend David's house--in Anderson Indiana---it was a place we hung and partied---So, Christ, literally led me OUT of the Hellhole :-) Enjoy this 80s Christian metal jam!