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Pastor Brad is exactly who he sounds like, a Christian Pastor named Brad.  He is the lead pastor at First Christian Church in Cookeville, TN.  

Brad is also a gifted, 80s style, Christian metal artist.  Growing up in the era of "Hair Metal" & "The Guitar Hero," Brad couldn’t help but pick up a guitar and start rocking. 

In 1987 he became a follower of Jesus Christ--a decision that reshaped his life--and continues to do so to this day. 

In 2004 he launched GuitarJams.Net (now pastorbradrocks.net) as a platform for sharing his music and Bible teaching with the world. 

To date, Brad has had the honor of releasing more than one-hundred fifty Christ-exalting songs worldwide. 

He's been blessed to work with several of his heroes from the classic days of Christian metal! Richard Lynch and Dee Harrington of SAINT (RESHREDDED (2006), Les Carlsen of Bloodgood (BREAK OUT, 2010), and Ken Tamplin (BREAK OUT 2010). 

"If KISS, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Ozzy and Iron Maiden jumped into a Christian blender and came out playing Christian music--that's pretty much what you get with Pastor Brad." 

The Mission

Reaching metalheads with the awesome news of the gospel! Every Pastor Brad song & teaching video is rooted in God’s Word—created with the hope of encouraging believers & reaching those who are searching for the grace and hope Jesus offers!
Connecting metalheads in Christian community.  When you follow me on YouTube or Facebook, or subscribe to my weekly eMail or PODCAST (Launches in July), you join a community of like-minded people who love Jesus & classic metal!  AND if you choose to support Pastor Brad Rocks on PATREON (begins July 1st) as a Metal Soldier—you’ll be invited to a monthly video conference call with me and fellow Metal Soldiers!  Each month we’ll talk about life, faith, music and  ways to reach metalheads for Christ!

Mobilizing metalheads for the gospel!  I’m cranking out gospel-centered, bible-based teaching and classic Christian metal music content every week.  All of it is designed to Rock You Up in your faith—and to be used as a WITNESSING tool for you to share with friends!  Metal Soldiers on PATREON are strategic about this—they're like the Green Beret/Navy Seals of Metalhead evangelism!

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