Metal Blessings!

Hey 80s Christian Metal Music Friends! Here’s a QUICK UPDATE:  I had a great photoshoot with my son Josh last week!  I’m sure those pics will find their way into circulation soon!  I’m also working really hard preparing a super special 5 Night Christmas Mini-Series called, THE CHRISTMAS METAL EXPERIENCE!  This special video series will contain 5 teachings about the awesomeness of Christmas and it will feature the exclusive premier of five singles from my upcoming Christmas album, "have A Metal Christmas".    It’s gonna be awesome.  More details coming soon!  Now, here’s another encouraging word for you from GOD’S WORD!


Man, in Luke 7:37-48 we find an AMAZING story about the FACT that Jesus INVITES people others REJECT.  You can read it later if you like, but let me just tell you the story. Jesus arrived in town (which town doesn’t matter).  One of the prominent Pharisees named Simon invited Jesus to dinner.

Now, dinners as Pharisees’ homes were EVENTS in the first century.  They were served in the outer courtyard portion of the home--open enough that the public could gather and listen in---which that frequently did. Remember this was before TV, Internet and video games!  This was entertainment for them.  The Pharisees loved having an “audience” to listen to them as they pontificated with each other about theology and culture. So, at this dinner, with Jesus as a guest, I’m sure the crowd was extra big!

All of a sudden, an UNINVITED woman (who has a reputation for living a “sinful lifestyle”---it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to guess what’s implied) makes a bee-line for Jesus!  She begins to weep.  She washed his feet with her tears and dries them with her hair!  Then she breaks a bottle of perfume--worth a year’s wages---and pours it out on Jesus’ feet in worship!

The Pharisees are indignant.  They think, “If Jesus was any kind of prophet, he would KNOW what kind of a woman this is!”  Of course, Jesus knows full well all about her---and he knows exactly what the Pharisees are thinking!

Two lines Jesus speaks in the next moments are AMAZING!

First, He turns to the Pharisees and asks, “Do you see this woman?”  Think about that question.  Do… you… see.. this… woman?  I.e. When you look at this precious (broken, yes, hurting yes, worthless NO) woman, do you see a HUMAN BEING created by God and loved by Him?  Or, do you only see a “category”, a “stereotype”, a “sinner”?  It’s a cutting question and an important one for all of us to ask ourselves--in regard to how we “see” the people we encounter.

Second, He said to her--“your sins have been forgiven.”  Those are the holy grail of awesome words to hear from Jesus!

The text doesn’t tell us how she learned about Jesus.  But it’s obvious that she had heard Jesus teach before and she had seen and heard enough to come to the conviction that Jesus was her Savior and she HAD TO GET TO HIM---no matter what it cost her… no matter what people might say about her.

When Jesus taught publically, he often offered INVITATIONS to follow Him, to believe in Him, to come to Him.  One of those times was Matthew 11:28-29 (NIV) “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened (i.e. all of you who are worn out by empty rule keeping and religiosity--trying to win the approval of condescending Pharisees and religious leaders) come to me, and I will give you rest (grace, new life!). 29 Take my yoke upon you (become my disciple) and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart (the opposite of the haughty professional religious leaders of that day), and you will find rest for your souls.”

Man---when she heard that, she said, “I don’t care what it costs me--ridicule, embarrassment, my life’s saving in perfume--I HAVE TO GET TO JESUS, my Savior!”

Friends, Jesus didn’t come for people who think they have it all together.  He came for the broken, frazzled, addicted, hurting, uninvited, ridiculed, lost, sinners--who know they need a Savion and who are willing to come humbly to Him, like this precious woman.

Dude, if Jesus is reaching out to you right now, reach back!

80s Christian Metal Blessings,
Pastor Brad