NEW Album Coming - Feb. 21, 2020!

The next installment in the PB Classic Rock/Metal Parody Series!

"You make all my favorite songs that I can no longer enjoy,
enjoyable again, and I can honestly say even better than the original!"
Dexter Lord (YouTube Comment)

1 Three Nails
(Hells Bells, AC/DC)
2 Sister Mary
(Mr. Crowley, Ozzy)
3 Kingdom Pearls
(Fat Bottom Girls, Queen)
4 Talkin Bout Love
(Ain't Talkin Bout Love, Van Halen)
5 Call The Roll
(Some Heads Are Gonna Roll, Judas Priest)
6 Beware Of Danger
(Don't Talk To Strangers, Dio)
7 You Found Love
(You're In Love, RATT)
8 Make It So
(Let It Go, Def Leppard)
9 I'm Cryin Out
(I Love It Loud, KISS)
10 Welcome To The Feast
(Number Of The Beast, Iron Maiden)

"Thanks Pastor Brad, I love your videos and you are the rockinest dude in the kingdom!"
~Steven Goranson--YouTube fan