STYX Too Much Time On My Hands - Christian Parody - Pastor Brad

If you enjoy the music of STYX and --- if you love Jesus --- you will totally dig this Christ-honoring parody of the Styx song, "Too Much Time On My Hands" -- My version is called--"I Want To Obey Your Commands."  It's chucked fulll of licks, leads, and all the metal mayhem I generally squeeze into every PB tune :-)  Enjoy, be blessed and remember to comment and share!

Black Sabbath - Neon Knights - Christian Parody - Pastor Brad

\If you love the hard rock and metal of the 1980s--and JESUS -- You will LOVE this parody of Black Sabbath's NEON KNIGHTS!  In this song Pastor Brad combines the power, riffs and metal thunder of the classic Sabbath tune with lyrics that honor and, indeed EXALT Jesus Christ!  Luke Weber's vocal performance is stellar!  Enjoy!  80s Christian Metal Blessings, pb

Highway 2 Heaven -- Christian Parody (LYRIC VIDEO) of Highway To Hell by AC/DC -- Pastor Brad

Oh yeah baby!  If you're a fan of classic hard rock---AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE JESUS--you will dig this Christian Parody (lyric video) of AC/DC's Highway To Hell.  Unt-uh -- Because of JESUS -- all who receive Him as Lord and Savior have changed HIGHWAYS!  We're now on the Highway 2 Heaven--Praise God!  So get out your 80s rock / metal headbanging attitude and rock out--worship style!