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10 classic metal songs from the golden age of metal--parodied from a Christ-honoring perspective.  It's the absolute BEST of two worlds----classic metal -- with a faith building message!

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The Story Behind TELECASTER

THE STORY behind the song and the album called, "TELECASTER."  It was a crazy, intense, maybe even a little bit unwisely busy season of life----but one of the great things that came out of it was this collection of 12 80s Style Christian Metal songs.  I hope this story and the song totally ROCK YOU UP!

Without Warning - A Cover of George Lynch/Dokken's Epic Intro

Do you remember setting the needle down on Dokken's "Tooth & Nail" for the first time---and hearing WITHOUT WARNING swell into full volume with all of it's emotion, drama and technical prowess?  It was just a classic 80s guitar monster rock track.

Well, this is my cover of this amazing piece of rock music history... enjoy!
BTW: Full credit to Jeff Garner who handles lead guitar duties on this one!
Check out his guitar lessons HERE.

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