If Ozzy, Metallica, RATT, Iron Maiden, Dokken, KISS, AC/DC, Judas Priest and Van Halen all jumped into a CHRISTIAN Blender--and came out playing Christ-honoring music--you'd have Pastor Brad-80's Style-Christian-Metal-Music!

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Coming This Friday July 21st!
The CRUSH Video Album Release Party

A very special video celebrating the release of my 16th full-length album--including lyric videos for every song and a behind-the-curtain look at the biblical truths and life experiences that inspired each song!

1. Crush
2. Get Away
3. Holding Me Together
4. Mean Machine
5. Mighty Fortress
6. Your Love
7. My Jesus
8. Rip Tide
9. I'm In You
10. Coming Home

I'll also give you a brief tour of PB Studios, AND... near the end of the video--I'll be sharing something CRAZY AWESOME--something you DO NOT WANT TO MISS--trust me--you will want to watch to the end!


Project slated for the future:

New Christmas Song
Linus & Lucy

From A Charlie Brown Christmas

This will be my NEW Christmas Song for 2017!

Highway To Heaven
The next installment in the PB Classic Rock/Metal Parody Series!

1 Highway To Heaven
(Highway To Hell, AC/DC)
2 We Will Fight

(Neon Knights, Black Sabbath)
3 Obey Your Commands
(Too Much Time On My Hands, Styx)
4 Savior From Heaven
(Stairway To Heaven, Led Zeppelin)
5 Orchestra Of Revolution
(Symphony Of Destruction, Megadeth)
6 Help Me Jesus
(Hold On Loosely, 38 Special)
7 So Grateful You Love Me
(Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Night Ranger)
8  Can't Live
(Can't Live Without You, Scorpions)
9 Father's Will
(Looks That Kill, Motley Crue)
10 Lift Him Up
(Lick It Up, KISS)

8 Original PB Songs & 2 Covers
1 Break Down
2 Changing Me
3 Don't Know What You Want
4 Only Want What You Want
5 Keeping Me Alive
6 Let's Go
7 Twisted Scriptures
8 You're My God
9 HURT (Johnny Cash Cover)
10 To Hell With The Devil (Stryper Cover

Highway 2 Heaven
The next installment in the PB Classic Rock/Metal Parody Series!

1 Three Nails
(Hells Bells, AC/DC)
2 Sister Mary

(Mr. Crowley, Ozzy)
3 Kingdom Pearls
(Fat Bottom Girls, Queen)
4 Talkin Bout Love
(Ain't Talkin Bout Love, Van Halen)
5 Call The Roll
(Some Heads Are Gonna Roll, Judas Priest)
6 Beware Of Danger
(Don't Talk To Strangers, Dio)
7 You Found Love
(You're In Love, RATT)
8 Make It So
(Let It Go, Def Leppard)
9 I'm Cryin Out
(I Love It Loud, KISS)
10 Welcome To The Feast
(Number Of The Beast, Iron Maiden)

1 That's The Way It Is
Uriah Heep

2 Ah Leah
Donnie Iris
3 Devil's Deck
Coney Hatch
4 Stone Cold
5 World's Apart

6 Turn Up The Radio
7 Jenny (867-5309)Tommy Tutone

8 Don't Close Your Eyes

9 Hair Of The Dog

10 I Can't Drive 55
Sammy Hagar

1 Cat Scratch Fever
Ted Nugent
2  Smoke On The Water
Deep Purple
3 There Is Only One Way To Rock
Sammy Hagar
4 Sunshine Of Your Love

5 Purple Haze
Jimmy Hendrix

6 Smokin

7 Rock & Roll Fantasy
Bad Company

8 Flirtin With Disaster
Molly Hatchet

9 Fantasy
Aldo Nova

10 I Like To Rock
April Wine

 1 We’re Not Gonna Take it
(Twisted Sister)

2 School's Out
(Alice Cooper)

3 Rock N Roll All Night

4 I Don’t Know

5 Midnight Maniac

6 Hold The Line

7 White Wedding
(Billy Idle)

8 Sin City

9 Aces High
(Iron Maiden)

10 The Grinder
(Judas Priest)


1 For Those About To Rock
(AC/DC, "To Those Upon The Rock")

2 Heavy Metal
Sammy Hagar

3 Bark At The Moon

4 Hair Of The Dog
(use Truvia Drink Mix for “shaker”)

5 Modern Day Cowboy

6 Fear Of The Dark
(Iron Maiden)

7 Walk This Way

8 Strutter

9 Breaking The Law
(Judas Priest, Came for us all)

10 Fade To Black
(Metallica, He Came Back)

1. Victim Of Changes
(Judas Priest)

2. Rockin' In The Free World
(Neil Young)

3. Dirty White Boy

4. Down Payment Blues
5 Workin' For The Weekend
(Loverboy, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven)
6 I Wanna Rock
(Twisted Sister)
7 Summertime Girls
8. In My Dreams
9. Wanted Man
10. Unchained
(Van Halen)

Kingdom Come
Black N Blue

G&R--Sweet Child

What others have said about my music...

"I am so psyched dude!!! STG 1 has become my favorite Pastor Brad album, can't wait to hear this one!!! Thank you for the blessing!!! I especially like "Touch of Love" from Storm the Gates 1. " It was one of those nights when you turned on the lights, and everything became so clear" Brings back wonderful memories of my salvation experience. I was a metalhead into the occult and Satanism. I got a Christian metal album at Goodwill of all places lol. I had every intention of just listening to make fun of it, and I hear this line, "Salvation through the Cross" and It's like God turned on the Lights! I seen my need for Him And He was the truth. I knelt down beside my bed and gave my life to Jesus and though I have had many trials and stumbles since then, Jesus had always been there, and with every day, I can see His love more clearly. Christian Metal does reach people, Especially those who don't go to church or run away from people who wear a suit and tie lol THANK YOU!!!!!"

Jason Hutchens
(Fan, from Facebook)

“First off let me say that before I put in a copy of Pastor Brad's Telecaster I had to dust off my old school spandex and break out the Aquanet hairspray because I was forewarned that he is an 80's metaliholic.  With vocals that sound like a combination of Bon Scott meets Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) and fingers that like to tickle the fretboard Pastor Brad has put out a very solid release with Telecaster.  The songs on Telecaster span the broad spectrum of metal varieties that came from the 80's.  The title track "Telecaster" reminds me alot of a Poison or Faster Pussycat song.  Tracks like "Cut Down To Size" and "Smack Dab" are heavily influenced by Dokken and Ratt while songs like "Old Bones New Life" remind me alot of newer Kiss.  My favorite song on the Cd has got to be "Heaven" with it's power metal feel.  Heaven is the heaviest song on the Cd with an Iron Maiden meets Krokus feel to it and I personally think the best song on the Cd.  Overall I'd have to say that Pastor Brad is a very talented guitar player and I think he did an overall great job on this release...  I would recommend this Cd to anyone who has a flair for 80's Metal.  Rock on Dudes!!!
Brad Wheat
Christian Extreme

“Hi Pastor Brad,  I'm listening to Rock You Up and I gotta tell you, I'm getting Rocked Up.  I hear  hints of many metal greats ie: Van Halen, Kiss, ect."
Richard Lynch

"If you are a fan of the 80's hard rock/party metal scene, this stuff is right up your alley!  I could almost feel the 80's creeping back up on me when I heard this CD the first couple of times! Pastor Brad has a definite knack for writing catchy, hooky songs with sing-along choruses, and some SERIOUS guitar solos! Judging from some of the experimental elements here, along with the sound and style of some songs, my guess is that Pastor Brad is/was a big fan of shredmasters like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Marty Friedman, especially in the riffs and rhythms, if not in the soloing style...   This is one shredding, 80's styled CD that will have a lot of metalheads smiling and nodding and remembering when Holy Soldier, Eternal Ryte, Rage Of Angels, and Crystavox were blistering Christian radio, while Skid Row, Winger, and Dokken were gracing the Billboard Top 40 charts!  I look forward to Pastor Brad's next project, and plan on picking up as much of his older material as possible! If you are a fan of the style and sound mentioned above, you would do yourself a favor to pick Telecaster up as well."
Arttie Parker
Christian Metal Realm

"What attracted you to old school hard rock/metal? Do you remember the first bands you ever heard that made you jump around like a maniac playing air guitar or made you dream of being the next Eddie Van Halen? Do you miss those beloved sounds of the 80's?  Out of nowhere comes Pastor Brad...  Pastor Brad's latest release "Out Of the Hellhole" features 14 songs that take me back to those mystical moments when I knew in my musical soul that I would always be a headbanger.  Screaming leads and multi-stacked vocal harmonies are featured on every track here--classic sounds with a timeless message about our need for a Savior."
Chris "alldatndensum" Dickens
Christian Hard Music

After Five 80’s Style Christian Meal Releases, I started Recording Instrumental Shred Guitar Music.
"This CD indeed does SHRED.  When I think of that word I tend to think of guys like Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen.  Well, Pastor Brad and friends are also in that same school of instrumental guitar rock.  The difference is that Pastor Brad is a bit more melodic and probably a bit bluesier than those guys as well. Think more along the lines of Steve Morris, or even Van Halen without vocals. Each song on this CD tells a story. Whereas some instrumental CDs tend to be a bunch of riffs for the guitarist to lay down some choice wankey, Pastor Brad has actually written songs for which the guitar leads to tell a story over.
Scott Watters
No Life Til Metal

"Brad & his friends play all instrumental music that is extremely tight, diverse & extremely good through & through. The music has a very strong Metal sound that takes elements from Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal & Traditional Heavy Metal & combines them all together to create one sweet sound. Each song sounds much different from the previous, but it all has that same vibe that would like them all back to being done by the same band! This is definately worth checking out!"
Burton Wolf

“Pastor Brad and his Shred series has arrived!  I would put this disc up against any instrumental cd out there. There is so much going on here! Thanks to a bunch of killer guests who also play on this disc.  There are some different styles on this one also I know the title screams SHRED but, that is only a part of the music on this. Some cool funky stuff and flashy guitar effects for lovers of 80's style metal.  I really do not think anyone will be disappointed in this at allI"
Bruce Miller
Fan @ CD Baby

The Future Is Wide Open.
Today I am quite happy focusing on ministry, serving the North Euclic Church of God here in Bay City, Michigan.  God is doing some great things here and I’m honored to be part of it. If feel really good about the catalogue of music I’ve been blessed to release.  I still noodle around with song writing and I wouldn’t be surprised if I released more music at some point–in God’s time.  I am quite active working with other musicians–teaching guitar and mastering music.  I love what I do.  I’m a blessed man.  Thanks a lot for reading.  If I can help you in any way, contact me today!

Pastor Brad

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