Highway 2 Heaven -- Christian Parody (LYRIC VIDEO) of Highway To Hell by AC/DC -- Pastor Brad

Oh yeah baby!  If you're a fan of classic hard rock---AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE JESUS--you will dig this Christian Parody (lyric video) of AC/DC's Highway To Hell.  Unt-uh -- Because of JESUS -- all who receive Him as Lord and Savior have changed HIGHWAYS!  We're now on the Highway 2 Heaven--Praise God!  So get out your 80s rock / metal headbanging attitude and rock out--worship style!

Highway 2 Heaven -- A Christian Parody of Highway To Hell by AC/DC

Fans of classic hard rock---ESPECIALLY fans who love Jesus--will dig this Christ-honoring parody of AC/DC's Highway To Hell.  This song will encourage your heart as it exalts Jesus as Savior and Lord!

80s Christian Rock Metal Music Podcast - Pastor Brad

Man, if you're a fan of 80s rock/metal and you love Jesus--you will dig this episode of the Pastor Brad Rocks Podcast.  I'm thrilled to share this preview of Highway 2 Heaven with you (release date world wide - Feb. 23).  This podcast also includes and inspirational message that will equip you to SHARE YOUR FAITH in Jesus -- called, "How To Fish For People" ... Enjoy!

80s Christian Metal -- TWO ROADS -- Pastor Brad

Two Roads is an 80s Christian Metal song guaranteed to rock you up hard for Jesus!  Packed with loads of passion, licks, stacked vocals and pounding bass and drums—This song delivers a message of victory in Christ that hits you right in the heart and lifts your faith up high and Jesus up even HIGHER!  If you’re a fan of classic, 80s style hard rock/metal music that glorifies Jesus—you will totally dig this song!

Pastor Brad Rocks 80s Christian Metal Music Podcast - January 2018

Happy 2018!  Are you ready to rock and be inspired in your walk with Jesus?  Podcast #26 - Christian Metal / Rock Music - January 2018 - Pastor Br -- is jam-packed with hard rock music and Bible-based teaching guaranteed to get your head banging and your heart pumping for Christ..  In this first podcast of the year Pastor Brad shares four cuts from his 2017 release – CRUSH and a teaching inspired by a video from Pastor Bob Beeman—all about being “blessed” and learning to rest and trust in God.