80s Christian Metal - Two Roads - Pastor Brad

Two Roads is a track from my 2005, 80s style Christian rock/metal demo, Rock You Up.  This song is a straight up presentation of the gospel.  Jesus has paid the price for our sin—and He offers us love, forgiveness, grace and relationship with Him for eternity------to receive this is the BEST CHOICE a person can make—to reject it is the most tragic.  I hope the song totally Rocks You Up for Jesus!

Metallica -- Enter Sandman -- A Christian Parody

Enter Sandman, from the album “METALLICA,” was a HUGE hit for the metal band, Metallica. I totally loved this song! With James Hetfield on guitar and vocals, Kirk Hammett on guitars, Jason Newsted on bass and Lars Ulrich on drums, this band rocked hard! I know I had a blast honoring these musicians and re-envisioning the message of this classic metal song with a Christ-honoring message. Fans of Christian Rock and Christian metal will enjoy this one! I hope it totally Rocks You Up!