April 17, 2017

Rockin 4 The ROCK!

Balls To The Wall was a HUGE hit for the German Metal Band, ACCEPT.  I totally loved this song!  With Udo Dirkschneider on vocals, Wolf Hoffmann on guitar, Peter Baltes on bass and Michael Cartellone on drums this band rocked hard!  I know I had a blast honoring these musicians and redeeming the message of this classic metal song with a Christ-honoring message.  Fans of Christian Rock and Christian metal will enjoy this one!  I hope it totally Rocks You Up!

February 28, 2017

GET "Storm The Gates 2" for FREE Until Easter 2017!

10 classic metal songs from the golden age of metal--parodied from a Christ-honoring perspective.  It's the absolute BEST of two worlds----classic metal -- with a faith building message!

Storm The Gates 2 will be released world-wide on April 1st, but because you stopped by GuitarJams.Net--you have an opportunity to get the album for free!  Now through Easter (April 16) everyone who subscribes to the Pastor Brad Rocks Newsletter will receive the entire Storm The Gates 2 album -- with cover art -- FREE!


February 21, 2017

The Story Behind TELECASTER

THE STORY behind the song and the album called, "TELECASTER."  It was a crazy, intense, maybe even a little bit unwisely busy season of life----but one of the great things that came out of it was this collection of 12 80s Style Christian Metal songs.  I hope this story and the song totally ROCK YOU UP!

February 2, 2017

Without Warning - A Cover of George Lynch/Dokken's Epic Intro

Do you remember setting the needle down on Dokken's "Tooth & Nail" for the first time---and hearing WITHOUT WARNING swell into full volume with all of it's emotion, drama and technical prowess?  It was just a classic 80s guitar monster rock track.

Well, this is my cover of this amazing piece of rock music history... enjoy!
BTW: Full credit to Jeff Garner who handles lead guitar duties on this one!
Check out his guitar lessons HERE.

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January 27, 2017

Everlating God by Lincoln Brewster - A Hard Rock Cover by Pastor Brad

If you love Jesus, enjoy great modern worship and also hard rock / metal music, you’ll totally dig this hard rock version of EVERLASTING GOD! NOTE: “Everlasting God” is my performance of a song written/composed by Tom Fettke and Ken Bible. The version that inspired me was performed by Lincoln Brewster. I had a blast recording and producing it—I hope ti totally Rocks You Up for Jesus!

January 3, 2017

Storm The Gates - FULL ALBUM - Christian Parodies of Classic Metal Hits!

Alright friends---Here ya go!  40+ minutes of Classic Christ-Honoring 80s Style Metal Music!
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 Storm The Gates is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and lots of other music outlets! TRACK LIST Jesus Rock Solid -- parody of Detroit Rock City, by KISS Son of Man – parody of Iron Man, by Black Sabbath (3:48) Living Fountain – parody of Man on the Silver Mountain, by Rainbow (8:19) Touch of Love – parody of Touch Too Much, by AC/DC (12:35) Rockin For The Good News – parody of Living After Midnight, by Judas Priest (16:53) Jerusalem 3 pm – parody of Dallas 1 pm, by Saxon (20:26) The Dragon is Slain – parody of Crazy Train, by Ozzy Osbourne (27:01) Jesus Said – parody of Metal Health, by Quiet Riot (31:37) Freewill – parody of Say What You Will, by Fastway (36:39) Storm The Gates is a collection of classic 1970s & 80s hard rock / metal songs that rocked my face off in “the day.” It was such an honor to redeem these hard rock classics for Jesus! Each parody – I believe – captures the sound and feel the original song—but with Christ-honoring lyrics designed to encourage you in your faith walk with Jesus.