The Conquest

Life is filled with calls for CONQUEST--God called Israel to a conquest -- driving out the idolatrous inhabitants of the "Promised Land."  Christ, in his earthly ministry conquered death, hell and the grave--crushing the head (power) of Satan.  So there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ--because in Him we are VICTORIOUS---more than conquerors!  Someday he will return to finalize his dominion--to separate the sheep from the goats--cast death into the lake of fire--along with the devil and all who follow him. and usher in the new Heaven & Earth!  It's awesome!

This is an instrumental song... but it presents a "conquest" story in sound :-)

I'll never forget creating this tune with one of my guitar-heros, Dee Harrington (of SAINT). Dee graciously played on this song... amazing stuff! You know know it's Dee when the guitar sounds like a hive of angry BEES! :-) (About 2/3 through--after the "bomb" drops) Enjoy!

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