Jesus is our Awesome SON OF MAN Savior!

Son Of Man is a Christian parody of the classic hard rock song, IRON MAN, by Black Sabbbath. It's part of my 2016 release, Storm The Gates (available everywhere).  

I didn't really discover Black Sabbath until the Ronnie James Dio years. Heaven and Hell was my first Sabbath album. But, of course, from that point I worked back to the previous Sabbath classics with Ozzy. I was nevery a "massive" Black Sabbath fan--they were always a little too dark for me---even before I became a Christian--but I always totally appreciated Tony Iommi as a guitarist... and Bill Ward and GeezerButler on drums and bass were just geat musicians.

So, when it came time for me to put a Christian parody album--of classic 1970s and early 80s hard rock metal songs together---NOT inlcuding a Sabbath tune was NOT an option.... and for me---there is no more recognizable Black Sabbath song, than "Iron Man". 

My hope for this song was to a) honor the musicianship of the artists who created the original--and obvously inspired me musicially... and b) to honor Jesus with the lyrical message---enjoy!

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