KISS - Detroit Rock City -- Christian Parody by Pastor Brad

Possibly like you---for me--when I was a kid--there was NO OTHER BAND--besides KISS.  They were bigger than life.  I was so totally mesermized.  Up until the day I surrendered my life to Christ in 1987--I prided myself in being able to say that I owned the entire KISS catalogue.  I actually busted up & trashed my entire album collection that year--it might sound crazy--but it was something I needed to do---music was a god in my life--one that needed to be delt with.  But I digress---When I decided to do a Christian Parody album--I knew a KISS song HAD to be on it--------and I couldn't think of one that conveyed what KISS was all about to me---more than Detroit Rock City.  I saw KISS live 6 times--and all but one of those shows was opened with this song--it's an "anthem."

My goal for every song on STORM THE GATES was to, a) pay tribute to the musicians who inspired me to become a musician myself, and b) to honor Jesus with the lyrical message.  I believe I achieved both with this one--I hope you will agree!  Enjoy!

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