Detroit Rock City - Ice Cream & JESUS!

Jesus Rock Solid is track one on STORM THE GATES, a Christian Rock/Metal album featuring parodies of classic hard-rock/hair metal songs from the 70s & 80s.

KISS was THE ONLY BAND I really loved as a kid. My first KISS album was Love Gun. I was in fourth grade. I will NEVER forget those days. Up to the point that I surrendered my life to Christ in 1987—I was very proud that I owned ALL of KISS’s albums… I was such a huge fan.  Dude, I even LOVED “The Elder! 

I caught KISS live six times in the 80s—Creatures, Lick It Up, Animalize—and three times on the Asylum tour (In Indianapolis, Terra Haute & Evansville, IN). I actually got back stage in Evansville and met Eric Carr… crazy.

When I surrendered my life to Christ in 87 I let go of all of my music.  I actually busted my entire album collection. I know it sounds a little bit radical, but it was just something I needed to do.

So, when it was time to create a parody album—I wanted to honor the musicians who inspired me to play music---and also honor my Lord with the lyric/message of the song.  I knew a KISS song HAD to be part of the collection—and I just couldn’t think of a better representation of “KISSness” than Detroit Rock City—from the Destroyer album!

In this video teaching I share some of the thought behind this song.  C.S. Lewis had a really cool view of Christ and the Body of Christ (i.e. the Church). I won’t spoil the video by telling you what it was here  but I think it’s super insightful and liberating!  Thanks for reading and watching!

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