Can We Trust The Bible? Part 4 "Science"

Can we trust the Bible? As Christians—we have entrusted our eternity to the message of this book… so, can we trust it? In part 1 we began looking at a series of six questions that scholars and historians use to measure the accuracy and reliability of any ancient document. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Part 1: Is the text based on eye-witness accounts?

Part 2: How trustworthy and accurate are the copies?

Part 3: Is the text archaeologically reliable?

In part four we dig into the question, “Is the Bible scientifically accurate?” Many people are quick to say things like, “Faith and Science are incompatible.” But in this video, you’ll hear that science and scripture are actually quite compatible. Whether you’re a Christ-follower, or just curious about this topic—I think you’ll be blessed by what you discover.

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