The Power of FREEWILL: "Every Tub Stands on its OWN BOTTOM!"

I remember when I was young in Christ--I had what I called a "Jesus Complex"... I thought I had to save all of my friends and family, etc.  Yes, I know how rediculous that sounds... but it was very real to me.  Years of walking with Jesus have grown me up in that area a lot... my passion for everyone to know Christ as Savir is JUST as robust as ever... but today I understand that what my Grandma taught me when I was a kid is so true, "Every tub stands on it's own bottom."  I.e.  When Jesus returns--and we all stand before him... I can't stand there for you---or anyone else.  I am responsible for me.  Each of us is responsible for our own choices.

When Jesus said ".. that whosoever believes in Him will not perish...( (John 3:16) He was saying, "It's a choice..." Everyone is invited to the party!  God wants us all to be part of the family... but He's not going to FORCE anyone to believe---that defeats the whole purpose.  Nobody wants a person to "love" them because they're FORCED to.. that's not real love.

God created us with FREE WILL.  Heaven will be filled with people who CHOSE to believe in Christ as Savior; those who chose to trust, love, and follow Him as Lord!  That's what this video is all about!  I hope it totally Rocks You Up!


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