The First Time I Heard KISS

I think I was over at my friends'--Billy and Darens' house... they had KISS ALIVE 1... I remember sitting on their bed-room floor mesmerized by the album artword/info... Remember the "letters" from Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace on the inside cover... in the middle..that was another thing that was super cool about ALIVE 1 -- it was a double album, which gave them a lot of space to plaster really cool images, etc. all over.  I'll never foget that photo of the crowd with the four or five fans standing there holding... I think it was a home-made KISS banner.  I always thought, "Wow, how cool would it be to be those guys!?"

Yup, I was pretty geeked out over KISS as a kid.  I bragged about having EVERY album they had released---up to Asylum.  I saw them six times in concert... three times on the Asylum tour alone--Indy, Terra Haute, and Evansville (where I got backstage and met Eric Carr--which is a story I'll share later).

A LOT has changed in my heart and life since those days, but there was no way I could do an album of music that influenced me as a kid and not include a KISS song.

Jesus Rock Solid (parody of DETROIT ROCK CITY) kicks the whole thing off---which appropriate because in many ways KISS was the first hard rock band I really dug.

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