How God used Ronnie James Dio -- to draw me toward Jesus

It was the Holy Diver tour, Oct. 24, 1985 @ Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN. I was seated about 45 feet from the stage... up on the left just a bit... really good seats. By the way--as an aside--I was 18. I had been raised in Church, but I was in no way living for Jesus at this time. I was HUGELY into the whole metal music/party scene.

I had really enjoyed the show to this point. Ronnie and the band broke into Heaven and Hell... and in the middle of the tune they sort of broke things down into a cool bass/drum groove. Ronnie began sharing a story over it.  It was all about the classic angel on one shoulder and demon on the other.  Only instead of angels, Ronnie used ships.  It went something like this... He kind of talk-sang it...

"There's a little black ship down below me
and it said, 'Come with me and I will give you desire.'

The lighting shifted to match the mood and the crowd cheered.  Ronnie played up--interacting with the audience retion.

Then the mood shifted again.
The tone took on a celestial, sort of heavenly feel.

Ronnie continued with the story.

"There's a little white ship up above me,
And it said, 'Come with me, cause I know just what to do.'"

Dramatic pause...  Suspended celestial music... anticipation building...

Then Ronnie concluded the story with words that shook the building and cut me to the heart.

In an almost angry, forceful tone, Ronnie shouted out,

"But I said, 'Go away! Cause I'm gonna burn in hell with all of you! And you! And you!" (as he pointed at various sections of the arena).

Bright lights lit up the crowd as they roared to life, shouting out in full-throated agreement!

My jaw dropped.  I was stunned.

What just happened here?  Did he really just say what I think he said?  Did all of these people just respond the way I think they did?

All I could think was, "Unt uh buddy! Not me man! You can go there if you want to--but I'm not going with you!" 

I didn't go to a Dio concert expecting to hear from God, but I sure did!
I didn't commit my life to Christ right then and there... but God definitely got my attention and set some things in motion within my heart. My spirit woke up to some spiritual realities I had ignored for too long.

Eighteen months later I surrendered my heart to Jesus and never looked back!

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